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3 Day Sales Bounty

Get your FREE contract in just 3 Days!

Please read this exciting challenge given by 5Starexchange to all members.

See How It Works:

For each Personal Sales of a 0.01 BTC contract sold, you will earn 1 Star Point. You just need to collect a minimum of 1 point a day for 3 days in a row. So simple.

Your daily accumulated personal sales must be above 0.01 BTC to qualify. In case your total daily personal sales is below 0.01 BTC it will not be taken into consideration.

If you close a sales of a 0.02 BTC contract in a day, you will receive 2 Points. The more sales you generate the more points you will receive.

In order to qualify for the free contract, you must secure:

A. Minimum of 1 point per day at least 3 days in a row at anytime.

B. You must collect a minimum of 4 points within 3 days.

You can make as many cycles as you want during this challenge and collect as many FREE Contracts you desire.

The formula is accumulated points x 0.01


Total points accumulated in 3 days is 10 points…

Your FREE Contract calculated is:

10 points x 0.01

Remember that in order to qualify, you must have achieved a minimum of 1 point per day in any 3 consecutive days and total collected points must be 4 points or more.

REMINDER – If you fail to achieve 3 days in a row with minimum 1 point in a day with a total accumulation of min 4 points, you will be considered as disqualified.

If you qualify, your FREE contract will be rewarded on the 4th day.

5StarExchange Sales Bounty will commence on July 26th 2020 and will end on Oct 31st 2020.

During closing, there will be more rewards for you. CONTINUE READING…

Below rewards are based on the accumulated sales and number of 3 day cycle that you have made during this challenge period:

Collect between 200 to 300 points with a minimum of 15 times achievements of 3 day cycle during challenge period and be rewarded with an additional 2 BITCOIN contracts.

Collect above 301 points with a minimum 21 times achievement of 3 day cycle during challenge period and be rewarded with an additional 5 BITCOIN contracts

*All the above qualifying contracts capital can be withdrawn after a 1 year maturity period BUT the PSR Bonus can be withdrawn at anytime.

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