5STAREXCHANGE is in the pipeline to creating the biggest and best exchanger by the year 2020. Unlike other exchangers, what we will have once launched is the ability to convert from crypto to crypto as well as from crypto to fiat simultaneously. This multi billion dollar project will be linked to most financial institutions worldwide and will be intergrated with each countries regulations as well. Following this will be the introduction of our very own 5Star Exchange Debit Cards that will be accepted by millions of merchants around the globe.

This system will also be equipped with our very own ecosystem app for members to conduct whatever bookings or purchases online at super incredible speed. As this system will be linked with other exchangers worldwide we will also be linked to the Dubai Blockchain Hybrid City. We will also be offering Blockchain merchants worldwide.


5Star Exchange in collaboration with the UAE Government through its subsidiary Dubai Land Development and the Blockchain technology aim to be the global leading real estate environment to attract investments. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid AL Maktoum, as he said " Providing excellent service to customers means building genuine partnerships with them." With our collaboration 5Star Exchange and Dubai Land Development we plan to use the Blockchain as a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of records that is secured from tampering and revision. We will also be employing the Blockchain in 3 initiatives that is Ownership verification in Dubai Land Development Mobile application, Property sale by developer and Smart Leasing Process by targeting the improvement of providing the services and improve the collaboration with other parties involved in the real estate market.

Our strategic partners in this collaboration include governmental partners, real estate partners, international partners and Dubai Land Services partners.

5Star Exchange and the government of the UAE have jointly invested approximately USD48 Billion in this project to realize the mission and vision of making Dubai the first and biggest real estate company in the world using the Blockchain technology. Together we plan to also develop luxury hotels with state of the art services and facilities, luxury homes, entertainment facilities all using the Blockchain technology.


The incredible NASA Projects something that has intrigued the minds of our researchers since it was first introduced. 5STAR Exchange as part of its commitment to get involved has always been an advocate of futuristic expeditions. We have committed about USD500 billion to this project especially in the voyage to Triton, Neptune's largest weirdest moon. Triton a world without storm but with a solid surface super chilled and covered with frozen nitrogen snow. It would be big enough for us to live on but more research is required. 5STAR Exchange in collaboration with the UAE Government aim to bring the planet Triton closer to home.

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